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Wine as a souvenir and as a gift, wine attributes, sweets from grapes

Is better to connect wine with a place where you had a rest or travelled, with remarkable its natural features and historical events.

Probably, fault "Sevastopol", "Balaklava" will be good souvenirs, "Ah-serez", Pino Gri "Karadag, Kagor Partenit," the Hansky palace "," Eski - Kermen "- if you there have visited also to you is what to recollect and what to tell to the friends. Now many corners of Crimea have already such wonderful card.

Well and wines with is abstract-romantic names and pictures hardly suit a gift. Unless they will be an attention sign to your friends or relatives if will show clear for all (or only for a two) communication between character of wine and character of the one to whom it is intended in a gift.

Wines can be courageous or gentle, respectable or simple, graceful or powerful, bright or mysterious. One bottle can be the dialogue centre for the whole evening!

Wines with tipazhnymi names, like madery, a sherry, marsaly, ports, tokaev, muscats - can serve for the traveller with the experience excellent memorable marks and symbols of the distant countries or simply favourite corners. And to taste such wines costs only in comparative competition in frameworks of one type.

In Crimea Hungarians tokaj like to tell about how Spaniards praised our sherry, and. But can, it was only the politeness tribute. Once again we will remind that in wine tourism value has only your personal taste, you should not after all take examination on the taster and to someone something to prove.

The Fragment of ancient ceramics or a beautiful stone from a beach; the cone dropped from the Lebanese cedar by the squirrel; a fragrant bunch of rosemary or mountain chabretsa - the world of pleasant trifles, smells, sounds which store open space and carelessness of your travel. Let it will be near to the Crimean wine when will come to remind its turn about pleasant days and southern nights.

For wine and grapes the set of convenient and entertaining adaptations, too with kind traces of former traditions and a present personal invention is on sale also. Baskets for grapes (he continues to live in them!) and pletenki for wine; artful wooden lattices for resocks of wines and glasses; kegs and kuvshinchiki; buckets for ice and artful lafetiki for collection wines. One more small world for slow pleasure.

Of the condensed grape juice do weight of east and Caucasian sweets: try, bargain, get acquainted and come still - you will remember and will concede. The Rahat lakoum do on pishchevkusovyh factories of Yalta and Alushty, it is the grape juice which has thickened to dense jelly cut then on cubes and sprinkled with powdered sugar. It can be with napolnitelem from pink petals. But avoid bright products with a coconut shaving both an other Turkish prettiness and synthetic dyes.

Caucasian churchhela are manually prepared long twisted "kolbaski-pods" with nuts in the middle on which gradually a layer behind a layer collect stiffening dense hot grape juice. Colour of such pods should be especially grape though grapes happen all colours of a rainbow.

Well and one more remarkable feature of a grapevine - on it, is more exact on rod scraps, the best shish kebab prepares.

Igor Rusanov

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Simple councils about independent test of wines
the Calendar of competitions, festivals, holidays
Grapes, wine and health. Ampeloterapija and enoterapija
Export of wine, grapes and a landing material

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