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the Cornelian of Taurida of 1996

12 years of endurance have really made this wine harmonious without any traces spirituoznosti. Thus that it very strong, a fortress is shown already as lungs konjachnye tone. Its comparison with mass kinds madery from "correct" Portuguese grades of Albilo, Verdelo and Sersial well proves true that "wine – a district product". It would be desirable to add – and creativity. Really, wine is much softer, more refined, more richly to taste, than other kinds madery.

Madera ripens in the special sun deck similar to a hothouse. When in the summer in a shade about 40 degrees, in a sun deck the temperature rises to 70 degrees. At the expense of a difference of day and night temperatures occurs konvektivnoe wine hashing. For 4 years of maturing madery the quarter of volume of wine evaporates, wine makers speak: "¦=ю have drunk рэухы№".

Honour of creation of domestic marks of a muscat, madery, a sherry, port and other classical marks of wines belongs the second and third generation of scientists "¦рурЁрёр": A.P.Serbulenko, M.A.Hovrenko, A.M.Frolov, M.F.ShCherbakov, S.F.Ohremenko, M.A.Gerasimov, N.N.prostoserdov, N.F.Saenko. Wines began to prepare, applying spirtovanie that has allowed by manufacture desernyh wines to a lesser degree to depend on weather conditions. Though the most unique wines nevertheless are born not from independence of weather conditions, and of the best understanding of uniqueness of each year

the Cornelian of Taurida of 1996

The Dessert white vintage wine made from zaizjumlennyh of grades of grapes of Rkatsiteli, Traminer pink, the Muscat white, Aligote muscat, the grown up in steppe and foothill part of Crimea and on Juzhnoberezhe. Wine of soft golden colour. A bouquet bright, with tsvetochno-honey shades. Taste full, oily, with tones uvjalennyh grapes berries, poslevkusiem vjalennoj a melon and a banana. Term of endurance 2 years. Spirit of 16%, sugar 16 g/100 sm 3 .

Mass concentration titruemyh acids of 4-6 g/dm 3 . It is used as an after-dinner dessert.

Wine on such technology can be made only at especially solar autumn to which damp enough both solar summer and spring without frosts – not more often an once in 3-4 years preceded. So wine rare and expensive, anywhere except "¦рурЁрёр" it do not make. But the manufacturing techniques of wine from zaizjumlennogo grapes of Rkatsiteli are transferred "ЂэъхЁьрэѕ" and "-юъ=хсхы¦" for wine mark "Р=рЁ№щ -хъ=рЁ" the interesting too suffices.

Igor Rusanov

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