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Wine tourism in Crimea

Principles of wine tourism are very simple: to try wines only in places of their manufacture, strongly to connect in the memory and the imagination a bouquet and taste of a drink with secret of its origin in the nature, history and spirit of district.

Not the superfluous will estimate also technological culture of manufacture, personally to get acquainted with wine makers, to learn about century traditions of an economy.

Pleasure in tourism it after all always in bolshej to a measure only pleasure by the information, frequently the mythical. The pleasure from wine is a mood in the company, the entertaining conversation, new impressions.

To be closer to practical needs of guides, owners of minihotels and all, whose work - to create the good mood, each section is constructed as tasting of 6-8 wines from dry to the dessert. They are picked up so that to open or features of a historical epoch, either striking traits of historic figures, or unique lines of the nature of areas of the birth.

We advise to Organizers of tastings to spill a standard bottle (0,7 or 0,75) on 10-15 the person. To participants of tastings we advise necessarily to write down the personal impressions about fault which more all was pleasant, with instructions of its manufacturer and year of a crop.

Branded sweet wines of the trade mark " for Massandra " are Most known, this association includes 9 state farms-factories of Southern and Southeast coast, tasting rooms are in Yalta, Massandre, Gurzuf, Alupke, Alushte, Solnechnogorsky, Sea, Cheerful, the Pike perch, Simferopol, a network of firm shops almost povsemestna.

Champagne " a New World " is not less known, and stories and legends round its founder of the prince of h.p. Golitsyn extremely zanjatny so it is necessary to go to a museum of winemaking of a New World specially.

To Fans of natural dry wines we recommend production of factories " to Inkerman " (Sevastopol) and " the Fountain " (Bakhchisarai). (Simferopol), factory " Koktebel " - the unique sweet wines and cognacs is famous for strong wines " for Dionis ". The present reserve of primordially Crimean native grades of grapes (for example, "the Black doctor") is "the Solar valley". Red and white sparkling wines the Sevastopol industrial complex " the Gold beam ", and also less known lets out the Sevastopol winery and firm " the Emerald " in Jankoi. On each of these enterprises it is possible to make excursion on wine vaults, and then and tasting. There are tens more the Crimean wineries with the interesting production, for the present poorly known to tourists.

Traditional Russian of vodka and Ukrainian gorilki quality makes " the Union-viktan ". The Same trade mark develops a network of shops with the high quality assurance of all spirits and the big assortment of wines, including the firm cognac and champagne. Some factories let out also medical balms from apple spirit, infused on mountain grasses. With them now tastings quite often come to the end.

Thus, Crimea not only serves in mountaineering, rock-climbing or an extreme as remarkable educational region. Just as low, but unusually various on landscapes and all components of the nature Crimean mountains serve many generations of tourists as a launching pad for conquest of the Himalayas, the Andes and other distant exotic, and the winemaking of Crimea - will learn to all.

Russian aristocracy, and then and merchant class demanded from the Crimean wine makers of creation on the earths and in the cellars of all well-known and fashionable world types of wines. The Soviet planned system was also very original in development of the Crimean winemaking. Thus many analogues of the glorified European marks were created absolutely with smaller expenses. Rather low prices for elite marks of wines have remained in Crimea and now. So the first lessons of wine tourism to receive here both well, and it is interesting, and it is favourable.

a Variety of natural landscapes of the Crimean peninsula is defined by a combination of mountains and plains, woods and the steppes, the cut up coastal line and the crossed relief. Complexity and dramatic nature of its history – ten transitions from one empire to another. A freakish interlacing of all traditional and fantastic architectural styles in shape of cities and settlements – natives of hundreds countries of Europe and Asia.

The Winemaking and wine trade of Crimea in its absolutely ordinary store variety reflects all it. Sometimes homesickness and desire to have in Crimea habitual wine – so grades of a grapevine and mark of wines have got to Crimea from Georgia and Spain, Germany and Moldova, Hungary and, of course, France. Natives of all these earths long since live in Crimea. Sometimes this blind following to a foreign fashion, however, now – is faster a correct marketing course.

And, successful and in a case with recent occurrence of mark "Shardone" popular in Muscovites, and with an abundance of so desired teleserials for a plain audience of sweet wines with female names and gilt labels.

In Crimea there is everything, than well and than badly world winemaking. There are thousand-year traditions and unique, only to tiny corners of the earth inherent, local wines. There is an imitation, there is an indulgence to not so developed taste. There is a snobbery of legendary marks and nesusvetno expensive price of collection curiosities. There is an open cheating, mass trade in substitutes, a fake both other, and other. With all little by little we will understand. Little by little, grammes till 25-30.

we will accompany Each small section of our site representation of the wine most clearly opening sense of the read. Read without hurrying up, and it is better in the good company.

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