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Winemaking in Crimea
· the Ancient art of grapes and wine in the Greek policies of Crimea

· Winemaking of cave monasteries and cities. The Genoa colonies

· Roots of modern winemaking. Prince G.A.Potyomkin. Count M.S.Vorontsov. Djuk de Rishele

· the Prince of h.p. Golitsyn and Specific manors of the Imperial surname
Culture of wine and cognac
· label Reading. Differences in the international and Soviet standards

· the Ukrainian-Russian dictionary for the description of wines and cognacs

· Bases of wine etiquette: a marching variant

· Simple councils about independent test of wines and cognacs
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· Factory of sparkling wines ' a New World '

· State farm-factory ' the Solar Valley '

· State farm-factory ' Koktebel '

· Inkermansky factory of dry vintage wines

· Factory of sparkling wines ' the Gold beam ', the Sevastopol winery

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· the Calendar of competitions, festivals, holidays

· Grapes, wine and health. Ampeloterapija and enoterapija

· Wine as a souvenir and as a gift, wine attributes, sweets from grapes

· Export of wine, grapes and a landing material

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' Sevastopol '

More courageous character, but the same geographical uniqueness new working out of factory in popular group of ports possesses. According to norms of international trade of a word "port" on a label is not present, but there is another, well-known worldwide and brightly expressing strong character


Branded white strong wine from white European grades of grapes with long, over 5 years endurance in oak flanks. Elegant amber colour with an original, difficult fruit bouquet in which aroma svezhevypechennogo bread is added by ajvovo-melon tones. In a glass at it appears limonno-golden obodok – the quality certificate and long endurance. Well to refined difficult dishes from fish or fowl.

Igor Rusanov

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Rkatsiteli ' Inkermansky '
Cabernet Kachinsky
Muskat Alkadar
Port Red Crimean
the Muscat Chersonese

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