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Old Nectar

To try everything, there is a sense to be late here at least some days. Besides a huge beach and the tender sea, Koktebel involves romanticists with that here all bears on itself the press of the Silver age of Russian poetry. Maksimilian Voloshin – the artist, the poet, the archeologist, the big inventor and the rebel – accepted here in pre-revolutionary years of hundred creative persons for a season. Since then local wines became an indispensable component of inspiration and a freedom. The touch of a certain classical luxury gives to it

' Old Nectar '

Branded sweet wine from a grade of Rkatsiteli which have been grown up in a steppe and foothill part of Crimea. Berries gather only at very hot and long autumn when they zavjalivajutsja directly on a bush and differ especially high maintenance of sugar. Such technology has been developed by institute "Магарач" and tested on rare wine "Cornelian of Taurida", and then transferred to "Koktebel" and "Inkerman". So it is possible to spend comparative tasting. "Inkermanovsky" wine is more expensive, "koktebelskoe", as usually more densely. Colour of wine is dark-gold.

In a bouquet are clearly expressed honey and izjumnye tone. Taste sweet, full, harmonious, oily. A fortress of 16%, sugar of 16%. Wine not especially requires any support – unless with low-fat morozhennym without napolnitelej and aromatizatov. To drink better the cooled.

Igor Rusanov

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