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Factory of vintage wines ' Koktebel '

Deserves a separate trip, however, it has some tasting rooms and firm shops, trade is put not bad.

Quick expansion on counters of prestigious shops of chief towns of Russia and Ukraine European wines, has forced to expand assortment of dry wines seriously. Long since for champagne manufacturing in Crimea grew up a grade of Shardone, but only now it has become fashionable as high-quality wine

Shardone Koktebel, a crop of 2000

White dry vintage wine from a grade Shardone sustained of 2 years in oak flanks of cellars of "Koktebel" sharply differs from similar wines of all economy of Crimea the saturation on all indicators. Colour straw. On glass walls at wine rocking legs (thanks to endurance glycerine is formed) are shown. A smell bright, tsvetochno-spicy with an endurance bouquet. Taste soft, oily, with sensation of a fortress, with orehovo-almond poslevkusiem. A fortress of 10-13%. Moves to seafood: to mussels, shrimps, rapanam.

In general Shardone is pride of France and in all its provinces shows the features, without having clear high-quality "ышчр". It is indicative that in Germany import of rods of this grade is forbidden not to supersede from manufacture of Risling.

Igor Rusanov

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