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the Muscat Pink South careful

C 1828 the rich man-industrialist I.A.Maltsov bought on Southern coast of the land for rest and an economy. His son has increased the family capital, letting out in Russia the first steam locomotives and steamships, and also crystal. He buys Pototsky and Naryshkin's manors, and also other earths and there is the owner of all Simeiza. The Most part of grounds of Maltsovyh was occupied with vineyards, orchards and plantations of olives. In 1828 the wine vault which has remained up to now has been constructed. Already grandsons of Maltsova have achieved a recognition of Simeiza a fashionable resort. Having presented in 1908 the telescope on a grief the Cat to astronomers of the Pulkovsky observatory, Maltsovy on a being, became the first who has opened the Crimean way to space.

the Muscat Pink South careful

Branded dessert pink wine, is developed only by the association enterprises "¦рёёрэфЁр" from grapes of grades: the Muscat pink and the Muscat black, growing on warm slate soils. Vintage for processing is made at sugar content not less than 26%.  Wine of enough intensive elegant pink colour. A bouquet muscat, ё  tones kazanlykskoj roses. Taste full enough, harmonious. Graceful addition of a bouquet and taste gives to this wine special nobleness. Endurance term in oak container - 2 years.

Spirit: 16,0% юс.  Sugar: 20,0 g/100 cubic see

At the International competitions wine is awarded 1 gold and 5 silver ьхфры ьш.  Wine is developed since 1944.

Igor Rusanov

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