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Winemaking in Crimea
· the Ancient art of grapes and wine in the Greek policies of Crimea

· Winemaking of cave monasteries and cities. The Genoa colonies

· Roots of modern winemaking. Prince G.A.Potyomkin. Count M.S.Vorontsov. Djuk de Rishele

· the Prince of h.p. Golitsyn and Specific manors of the Imperial surname
Culture of wine and cognac
· label Reading. Differences in the international and Soviet standards

· the Ukrainian-Russian dictionary for the description of wines and cognacs

· Bases of wine etiquette: a marching variant

· Simple councils about independent test of wines and cognacs
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· Factory of sparkling wines ' a New World '

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· Inkermansky factory of dry vintage wines

· Factory of sparkling wines ' the Gold beam ', the Sevastopol winery

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· Grapes, wine and health. Ampeloterapija and enoterapija

· Wine as a souvenir and as a gift, wine attributes, sweets from grapes

· Export of wine, grapes and a landing material

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More dense and on colour (is dark-garnet), and on aroma (prunes, a black currant), and to taste with bolshej ekstraktivnostju, tartness. On "Massandre" entirely goes on branded sweet wines, for example, on Cahors wine South careful. In general, it is possible to tell that Saperavi became a basis of orthodox church wine (about it still ahead). Only the fashion of last years on natural wines forces to do ever less of Saperavi of strong ports and sweet likernogo wines. Initial sugar content of grapes of 19-22% (hardly above, than at Cabernet, but Saperavi nevertheless is choosier to conditions). After sbrazhivanija mashes dry, sugar pass all in spirit, giving fault a fortress in 10-12 degrees. Wine, is natural, good to sharp fat meat dishes of a Caucasian cuisine.

Comparing primordial Georgian Saperavi Senakuri from the city of Senaki (the official importer in Ukraine company "Винфорт") with Saperavi of the trade mark «Golitsynsky wines» (the manufacturer TOV VKF of "Bahus", Evpatoria), it is possible to find out in both rather bright high-quality properties, however in the Crimean wine of tone of prunes, and smoked, appear more clearly.

The antiquity Theme should be finished the gloomy note: already 2 thousand years ago leadership of France was defined, Gallia is more exact than the Roman province. In 7 century B.C. Greeks-fokejtsy have based Messalinu (Marseilles) and as everywhere, began to make wine. In 96 year of our era the Roman emperor Domitsian has ordered to cut down half of all rods in Gallia. General drunkenness on all great empire flooded with streams cheap (and good was the reason for it!) Fault for which transportation artful, quickly enriched Gauls used oak to a flank. It was called ton, copied Greek pifosy – huge clay jugs in capacity about 1000 litres. Flanks attribute the invention to the nephew and the pupil of known philosopher Platon Spevsippu Afinskomu in 350 year BC, but only in Gallia with its boundless then oak woods, it became a winemaking basis. All east part of a classical antiquity, including Byzantium, caucasus and Crimea did without bochek also in the Middle Ages.

In Crimea pifosov the uncountable set is found. They were used and for storage of loose products, and for sbrazhivanija mashes. For transportation of wines also in the Middle Ages the Crimean wine makers continued to use amphoras – long two-manual jugs with the pointed bottom. In holds of courts them stacked, sticking in sand.

For economical transportation, wine condensed, uvarivaja it. Anyway, from amphoras on feasts it poured in voluminous craters (wide bowls on a short thick leg), and boys-vinocherpii mixed wine with water (1 to 3) and spilt to visitors small kiafom (a bowl on the long handle). Visitors depending on a rank drank from bowls and horns of the different form: kanfarov, ritonov. Special riton in the form of the bull head lifted for all length of a hand, through lips of a bull wine fell in a flat bowl, fial – it lowered in other hand. Wine foamed, sparkled in the light of torches, played aroma with which in the best grades it was accepted to diversify with grasses and spices.

Women for a table were not supposed, men on feasts reclined on the spacious stone or wooden boxes covered with skins and fabrics. However, women could be in a premise – in quality flejtistok and dancers.

For modern business ladies, I hope, it will serve only as an occasion to jokes, a certain basis to readout of the position in a society. Well and a good theme for «a wine performance» a legend about priestess Ifigenii who in Taurida sacrificed to the goddess to the Maiden of exclusively men. Happened and then at women the small pleasures …. Well and what sacrifice without wine.

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