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Wine and ice, wine and water, cocktails and ' blends '

Ice can be added in Vermouths and balms, but also taste of many other wines, and also cognac on heat it only will improve.

In general all Crimean wines on heat are better for drinking, diluting with potable water, and in cool weather and for cold on a glass of tea there are enough 15-20 grammes of cahors wine or red port at once to feel, as pleasant salutary heat spreads on a body. However, on tastings, of course, wine do not dilute. It is important to remember still that carbonic acid in mineral and soda water accelerates alcohol action. On the one hand, it creates at once celebratory mood behind a table, with another, will allow to pass faster to intoxication if you hurry up to return to business duties.

Concerning cocktails it is better not to experiment and trust in the checked up classical recipes and skilled barmen. For wine tourism cocktails at all have no sense.

Mixing of two ready wines – "kupazhirovanie" - is quite admissible, if each of them is made from a strongly pronounced grade, and you feel that mutual addition of grades will approach your taste is better. It is possible to supplement too sweet wines dry, too dense red – white.

The Most important for health and a taste estimation - sequence pitija. It is important not only and not so much for degustirovanija, how many in general for the use of wines. Light wines should precede strong, strong - sweet, white - red, young - sustained. White champagne with the low maintenance of sugar (brjut, dry or moist) submit in the beginning of the big feast, and pink or red semisweet and muscat – to fruit, ice-cream, chocolate.

Many drinks possess property to prepare a human body beforehand and to alcohol mastering, and to food. Champagne, madera, the sherry, Vermouth move as aperitif under an easy neostream snack.

If you try wine, and at the same time and thoroughly support forces to fish and a bird moves white, and to meat red wine. Vegetable dishes are good with moist wines, and fat and hot dishes, especially zharennye, demand some the strong sated wines.

And the main rule: wine have not a snack, and with wine wash down meal ! Sense that each dish in own way shows taste of wine. And this taste remains in pauses between meal, creating a special background for dialogue, conversations, sensations of a holiday.

Dear dishes accompany rare collection, well-known wines. However difficult and juicy taste of meal should not be muffled at once by a rich race of wine so not all so is simple and unequivocal, for example, the eel prepare in red wine so, and submit it with the same wine.

Almost to all dishes it is possible to pick up wines successfully. The exception is made by only salty and fat fish, it gives to wines unpleasant metal smack. If very much it would be desirable some such fish to it it is better to arrange beer tasting . In Crimea all riches of the brewing industry of Ukraine and many popular grades of other countries are presented. To estimate them it is possible in such sequence: easy light grades, strong light, sustained, strong with honey and other additives, red, dark, dark with additives and the dark sustained. However standards of beer addition to travel, instead of its main occasion is much easier to maintain from year to year and from a place to a place, so beer tastings only.

I Come back to wine and to fat fish if all the same it would be desirable both that, and another: it is possible to wash down fish simply with tomato juice, and then to return to wine – all the same white and more chilly.

However, on travel the main thing to make impression about local dishes and a local cuisine – trust the curiosity and not too potter with rules.

As many our traditions not only are deprived sense, but also are simply awful from the point of view of Frenchmen and elementary physiology. For example, a habit zaedat champagne chocolate or citrus. After all their sated taste simply deafens flavouring bugorki language! Considerably lowers perception of taste and ice-cream. However its taste and taste of a drink will win, if ice-cream to water likernym with wine or cognac.

Chocolate , coffee or east sweets will not interrupt taste only strong ports, muscats, balms and cognacs. To them lemons, oranges and other exotic are already pertinent. Will not interrupt taste likernyh wines and cognacs and good tobacco . However, again we will remind of moderation and to respect for your company.

Igor Rusanov

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