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the SHERRY of Massandra

Moist wines are very popular now, receive their natural fermentation of very sweet grades, first of all the muscat. It is possible to consider as a successful example Traminer Black Sea "Inkerman" (the second section is described in chapter 1,). In this tasting we will pass this group as it is necessary to understand with many groups more a hard liquor.

The Following group – semisweet wines, is difficult enough in manufacture and inherently differs instability. In it the number of fakes and falsifications is very great, the temptation is very great, to make something like well-known French Shato Ikem, but only without special fuss and expenses. Cheap semisweet wine – obviously artificial product.

Group of semisweet wines to which Shato-Ikem and others soternskie belongs, are manufactured in a province Sotern (France) from grades of grapes of Semilon and Sovinon with an impurity of Mjuskadelja, and always at participation of "noble decay» - a mould developing directly on berries at damp dewy morning and a hot sunny day. Fungus Botrytis cinerea extends a moisture from berries and provides sharp growth of concentration of sugar. Far not every year it is possible to receive such wines, and their price is very great.

At endurance of natural wines their sweet can provide and a special fungus which eats wine steams in cellars with enough big humidity.

Natural semisweet wines of Georgia to which well-known Hvanchkara belongs Are original. A mash not vybrazhivaet completely thanks to low external temperature of fermentation.

On the post-Soviet space semisweet wines are made by addition in vinomaterialy sugar and spirit without special shifts. Especially many such wines let out firms of Moldova, copying known Bulgarian marks. If will notice that semisweet wines cause in you a headache – avoid them. In our tasting we while will lay aside this group. Earlier, in the second section of chapter 1 we have already described semisweet «Ancient Chersonese» manufactures of "Inkerman".

With spirit addition, but already very difficult processing methods the big group strong wines in which unite a sherry, maderu and ports is made. Kreplennymi wines with the big maintenance of sugar which the same as at strong wines, is fixed by addition in a spirit mash are as well likernye.

On tastings sherries submit before maderoj and ports, as they more chilly. Though they can be very strong, ekstraktivnost them is insignificant, as for preparation the mash-samotek and juice of the first pressure is used only. The name of this type of wine occurs from the Spanish city the Sherry de la Frontera. Hundred years ago (not less than 800-900) at one local wine maker it has appeared without supervision and attention thin a flank of wine of white wine. On its surface the shaggy light grey film has developed. Tell that he has decided to pour out simply the spoilt wine, but healthy aroma its strong and any in a special way have convinced him to try wine, and has been opened special heresnyj taste.

In technology of a sherry flanks with wine are not added, and on a wine surface filmy forms special heresnyh yeast are cultivated. At an exhaustion of nutrients filmy yeast dies off, plunges into wine and is besieged.

Then the wine part merges, and a flank is added by younger wine.

The wine Reserve under a film is called in Spanish "solera" (that the support means). Periodic a wine recursor under a film of different age has received the system name "soleras". Ready marks of a sherry turn out from kupazhirovanija soler different age. There are also sweet marks with addition to dry sweet vinomaterialov, for example, a muscat.

Sherry Industrial production in Soviet Union has arisen for the first time in Armenia where are found local heresnye yeast (for the first time out of Spain) and where has been constructed special heresnyj factory. Now special cultural races are applied to manufacture heresnyh yeast and the processes of heat treatment accelerating manufacture.

the SHERRY of Massandra

Branded strong white wine - the best among wines heresnogo type. Prepares from grapes of grades: Sersial, Albilo, Verdelo. The Distinctive feature of preparation of wine of this mark is the endurance within a year under a film heresnyh yeast. In process heresovanija and the subsequent thermal processing in fault special organic substances - aldehydes and atsetali collect, as a result wine gets specific taste, with easy tone of bitter almonds and kalyonogo юЁх°ър.  Wine of golden colour, a bouquet thin, difficult, taste harmonious, full. Process of formation and wine maturing lasts 4 years.

Spirit: 19,5% юс. Рр§рЁ: 2,5 g/100 cubic sm

The International competitions repeatedly distinguished high quality of this wine: 7 gold, 2 silver medals. In 1970 at II International competition of wines and cognacs which was spent in Massandre on the Main plant, Spanish §хЁхё  has received an estimation 18,67 points, and massandrovsky - 18,86 points. Both sherries have received on gold ьхфрыш.   Wine is developed since 1944.

Igor Rusanov

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