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Port Red Massandra

The small manor on the bank of Oka in the Murom district of the Vladimir province was the Usual place of serious scientific occupations of the Lion of Golitsyn since 1867. Acquaintance to a local society has ended with a torrid love affair with the spouse of the Leader of district nobility Hope Zasetsky (the daughter of the town governor of Kerch of prince Zaharija Herheulidzeva).

Any time scandal was not beyond, though the Hope accompanied Golitsyn in 1873-74 during its training at universities of Leipzig and Goettingen (Germany). The history has filtered into newspapers so S.A.Muromtsev's Golitsyn's companion (subsequently the professor of the Moscow State University, the party leader of cadets and the chairman of 1st State Duma) even has written and has published in Leipzig the whole book about the hostility reasons between Zasetsky and Golitsyn, having managed completely to hide true. And we still are surprised to modern deputies and we wait from them for the truth! In the meantime Golitsyn already replaces Zasetsky on a post of the Leader of nobility.

Though magisterskuju Golitsyn has successfully protected the dissertation, professorial career is not so accessible. Daughter Sofia was brought up at the aunt knjazi in the Vladimir province, and the Hope which has born in 1876 – at mother in Warsaw. Only in 1890 the special imperial decree it is authorised "to two pupils of Prince Lva Sergeevicha …, to Sofia and Hope to accept a surname of Golitsynyh".

Half of manor a New World belonged to Hope Zasetsky, and the second to her brother. In 1878 of h.p. Golitsyn has redeemed second half and was engaged in winemaking.

However, employment by something never suited it with one. In its 1877 select a member-correspondent of the Imperial Moscow archaeological society for opening and the description of parking of the Stone Age in a river basin of Oka. In its different years select the Honourable world judge and to vowels of a thought and meetings in Murom, Vladimir, Moscow, Feodosiya.

In 1889 emperor Alexander III has suggested Golitsyn to head all vinogradarskie and vinodelcheskie the economy belonging imperial and grand-ducal families. Golitsyn has accepted the offer of the emperor only in 1891.

The Prince owned already vineyards in a New World, villages Tokluk and Goats (a present Solar Valley), on caucasus and in Stavropol Territory. Manors continuously extended that improved also skilled base: Kutlak (with. Cheerful, Sudaksky r-n), the Sudaksky valley, Gurzuf, vicinities of Feodosiya. Still it is necessary to carry possession of its friend of prince Gorchakova to it in Arhaderesse and the husband of his oldest daughter of prince Peter Trubetskogo who has become in 1890th years by the largest supplier of materials for dining rooms and sparkling wines (a manor Cossack in the Kherson province and Dolmatovo in Dneprovsky district). Golitsyn has already received gold medals for white and red wines, and also for champagne at exhibitions in Moscow, Yalta, Luizville and the Nju-anatto tree (USA), Kharkov, Simferopol. In 1889 in Paris the gold medal has been hors concours received for "sparkling wines".

Golitsyn has already affirmed as the world and as "King Ekspertov": the most notable, the richest (anyway – the most generous), with irreproachable ability to distinguish grapes grades simply on leaves, and in wines – to see high-quality features in any difficult blends. On nuances of taste of wines he clearly guessed features of soils and prominent features of year – rainy or solar. Also was able it distinctly and demonstratively to describe! Russian of its lectures and articles is faultless (we will not forget that till 10 years it not gvooril in Russian). Results of long-term experiences have been stated in the detailed report to Specific department.

By 1889 Destinies buy up some manors with vineyards and cellars: "Livadija" (at count Pototsky), "Massandra" and "Ah-danil" (at M.S.Vorontsova's successors), and also vinotorgovuju firm S.M. Vorontsova with representations in Petersburg, Moscow, Kharkov, Odessa, Simferopol and other cities.

The First that it was possible to make to Golitsyn and experts of Destinies – to establish real names of grades and to pick up for each site their best combination. It had been lifted at once productivity and high-quality quality of wines is improved; the areas of vineyards continuously extended. The glory of sweet wines "Massandry" originates in old cellars of separate manors.

Port Red Massandra

Branded strong red wine, is developed only by the association enterprises "¦рёёрэфЁр" located on Southern coast of Crimea from grapes of a grade of Murvedr with addition of high-quality red grades (European) . РсюЁ grapes for processing it is made at sugar content not less than 20%. Wine of intensive colouring - dark red colour. A bouquet the developed, thin grades with strongly pronounced features, valued experts. Taste full, harmonious, it is good ёыюцхээ№щ.  endurance Term in oak container - 3 years.

Spirit: 18,5% юс. Рр§рЁ: 6 g/100 cubic see

Wine is developed since 1894. At that time was called "¦рёёрэфЁр № 81".  And a bit earlier, in 1891, in cellars of Livadii wine makers I.A.Bianki and A.P.Serbulenko on the same technology have made strong red "Livadija № 80" to which the name Port red "Livadija" later was fixed, but about it we will talk already near to an imperial palace.

Igor Rusanov

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