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Madera Massandra

The Lion Golitsyn on August, 12th (24), 1845 in Poland, in family lock Radzivillov from which sort there was his mother the countess Ezersky Was born. Mother was the Catholic, three her daughters were brought up in a Catholicism, and three sons in Orthodoxy. House education of the Lion of Golitsyn has given it free possession Polish and French, quite good – German, and then he studied in Belgium, it is probable in private board. Documents on results of this study has not remained.

In 1862 L.Golitsyn has ended Sorbonnu (a college of the Parisian university) with a scientific degree of the bachelor of the right. In 1864 already in Petersburg it has arrived on service in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and in 3 years under own application "is dismissed from service" in a rank of the collegiate registrar – something like the present younger expert.

In the Autumn of 1867 arrives in the Moscow university for the means, having passed without attending lectures of examinations in III th grammar school.

On a third year Golitsyn has received a gold medal for the composition "About destinies of national meetings in Rome on tribam". It was the best student of the professor of the Roman right N.I.Krylov and during study has published at own expense some books with its lectures.

On June, 14th, 1871 it has received the Certificate of the Moscow university with the statement in degree of the Candidate of the right. And on August, 6th it has illegitimate daughter Sofia. This history is not willingly shined with biographers of the prince, but it has given up as a bad job its preparation for a professorial rank in the Moscow State University and has resulted it in a New World and in winemaking.

But we will make a small break in washing up of bones of the nice prince and we will be freshened, porassuzhdaja about accidents. They often become history, as conduct to unpredictable changes. It is a lot of them and in world winemaking.

Madera - the wine born happy-go-lucky. Portugueses have sent flanks with wine from island Madiera to India. Long travel under the burning equatorial sun has caused unusual turbidity and "Ёрчырцхээюё=і" fault which because of it did not manage to be sold. Having returned back after "ёюыэхёэюую ъЁѕшчр" wine has got new character and has played a golden shade. Its taste became unusually strong, dense and on what not similar for what subsequently use included expression "madernye tone". "-трцф№ born ёюыэчхь" - tell about ьрфхЁх.  - Russian vinodelcheskom a lexicon a word "¦рфхЁр" for the first time has appeared in 1892 in Crimea. Since then Madera Massandra also is issued. Golitsyn was the big opponent of carrying over to practice of Russian winemaking of similar names, but anything the best for wines of this type and is not thought up

MADERA Massandra


Branded strong white wine. It is developed only in economic associations "¦рёёрэфЁр" from grapes of grades: Sersial, Verdelo, Albilo which are grown up on well warmed up slate soils. Sersial gives madere capacity, to Verdelo - яшърэ=эюё=і.  Vintage for processing is made at sugar content not less than 20%.   Feature of preparation of this wine is the 5-year-old endurance on a solar platform in incomplete oak flanks. It creates conditions for passage to fault of process maderizatsii, informing to fault a special pleasant bouquet and taste. Wine from gold to is dark-gold colour. A bouquet developed, thin, good addition. Taste full, harmonious, burning with bright tones kalyonogo юЁх°ър.  

Spirit of 19,5% юс. Рр§рЁ: 3 g/100 cubic sm

At the International competitions madera Massandra is awarded by 5 gold and 5 silver medals.

Igor Rusanov

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