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the Muscat Black Massandra

Count M.S.Vorontsov – "the semimilord, a semimerchant...". In 20th years of XIX century in Alupke there was a large landowner economy column M.S.Vorontsova - with unsurpassed on a successful combination of English and Muslim architecture a palace, magnificent park, extensive economic grounds (now Dvortsovo-park reserve "-юЁюэчютёъшщ фтюЁхч" - 72-23-72).

In February, 1945 the English delegation at the Yalta conference here took places. Certainly, to it it was very cosy among the British lions and the general conditions of the educated Anglomania, so characteristic for Michael Semenovicha. The count (subsequently the received title svetlejshego the prince) Michael Vorontsov was the son of the English envoy of Russia in England and till 19 years was brought up there. It was the person of the European tastes with colonial manners and unrestrained thirst of a profit. Its huge capitals and clear understanding of that it is necessary to put them in development advanced, on the best European samples, economy, were not supported, however, with knowledge of local features and a support on local technologies. Cultivation of sheep-merinosov on Tarhankute recollect now only as an incident, landings of tens thousand unusually expensive European rods have ended with a failure. And import of many of them without correct registration of grades has led to such high-quality mess that was stretched on one hundred years.

But it is necessary to recognise that Vorontsov so did much that among tens misses were also remarkable good luck. For example, to these at rocky coast Tarhankuta on capes Atlesha fish an ancient method of the Cyprian fishermen which once in the possession were invited by the count. And the wine vaults constructed on his order in Alupke and Alushte, perfectly work and now. Well and the main thing, its strict instructions for all settlers in the south of Russia to grow up grapes, and also that he generously paid to owners of small vineyards for materials which were processed in its cellars, have led to creation of the whole branch of industrial winemaking. In 1840th years 350 economy were already, and the areas of vineyards have reached 3.5 thousand hectares. Generally the winemaking was reduced to attempts to copy wine of the native land or fashionable European grades, besides, that there was no conformity not only soils and environmental conditions, but also rod grades.

Because of it in the Western Europe the firm belief long wandered that in Crimea the well-known European rods "degenerate". The basis was only that traveller Dubo de Monpere, trying in different Crimean manors "analogues" French, Spanish, German or Italian wines, found in them only occasionally something reminding the present Bordeaux, the Sherry, Joganisberger or Kjanti. Business not only that labels from grape saplings could be confused on the journey. Foreign dealers, most likely, drew them directly on a sale place if faster and more expensively it was possible to sell, we will tell Risling from Germany so start up will be, and in other place the same saplings went as Shardone from France.

Senseless enough and unsystematic was also the invitation of foreign experts which was practised by count Vorontsov. However, the first failures have forced it to address and on searches local umeltsev. The huge mosque many long years serving by an ornament of Alupki, has been constructed on its money. She clearly said that eventually "semimilord-semimerchant" has taken roots in the Crimean earth and was we love the people.

By the way, the known unflattering epigram on Vorontsova was left by Alexander Pushkin with whom the count had to potter during the known southern reference of the poet. Evil tongues assert that except several caustic lines, the irrepressible singer of a liberty has left in a count family and a couple of kiddies – curly and swarty. So the talent is stronger than money. Sometimes. Under this history, probably, will approach

the Muscat Black Massandra

It is developed only in state farms "¦рёёрэфЁ№". Original branded likyornoe wine, receive from a valuable grade of grapes the Muscat black (Kaljaba). For preparation of this wine grapes hold on bushes for uvjalivanija berries and collect at sugar content not more low 30%.  Wine of is dark-ruby colour with soft modulations, as at фЁруючхээюую  a crystal. A bouquet difficult, in it are felt juicy tone of a muscat, prunes. Taste bright and thin with an easy chocolate shade. Wine charuet velvet and remembered poslevkusiem. Term of endurance 2 years in oak flanks. Spirit: 13,0% юс.  Sugars: 24,0 g/100 ъѕс.ёь.  At the International competitions wine is awarded 3-mja gold and 1 silver ьхфры ьш.   Wine is developed since 1913.

Igor Rusanov

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