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Tokaj South careful

Though Potyomkin's attempt to do tokajskie fault has failed, it is necessary to give to it due – to it neither the Hungarian kings, nor the Austrian emperors on pain of death did not resolve export of grapevines.

Tokaj in Hungary do on traditional, having roots in antiquity of technology, adding in a mash a quantity uvjalennogo the grapes named assu (raisin).

Grades of grapes of Gars Levelju and Furmint have the Italian origin, but in the homeland special glory have not deserved, having received it only in Hungary, and now and in Crimea.

Tokaj reminds honey and possesses smack of the roasted grain crust.

The Technology Crimean tokaev is easier now, but their high quality is marked also by the Hungarian wine makers.

Tokaj South careful

High-quality branded white sweet wine, is developed only by the association enterprises "¦рёёрэфЁр" located on Southern coast of Crimea from grapes tokajskih grades: Furmint and Gars Levelju. Vintage эр  processing it is made at sugar content not less than 26%.  Colour from golden to the amber. A bouquet extremely difficult, thin, specific, with tones of a crust of fresh baked rye bread and ajvovymi tones. Taste full, oily, harmonious. Endurance term in oak container - 2 years.

Spirit: 16,0% юс.  Sugar: 20 g/100 ъѕс.ёь 

At the International competitions wine is awarded 13th gold and 3-mja by silver medals.

Wine is developed since 1944. For the first time it has been made in the end of 19 centuries under the name "Кюърщ -хёхЁ=э№щ".

Till 1890 from tokajskih rods prepared dry Tokaj, and since 1892 on Southern coast began to prepare sweet wine, by entering into a wandering mash of spirit.

Dry tokajskie the fault and was not possible to make in Crimea, and dessert are made only on Southern coast where after several attempts all acclimatisation of fashionable grades is already daring.

Besides, it is simple to notice that replacement of rods in the areas of winemaking of Crimea best for those times had been destroyed their unique grades.

In the Pike perch, for example, under Joseph Banka's management has got about 500 gardens which have remained without owners. It is necessary to stipulate at once that the Crimean culture of fruit growing was polycultural, that is vegetables, fruit, grapes, nuts and berries were grown up in artificial vegetative communities with the self-control, very steady against wreckers and illnesses and unusually productive.

Only in 19 century L.P.Simirenko, throughout 20 years studying the Crimean gardens, has approached to understanding of the Crimean secrets, and here glorified (it is difficult to tell, than and why?) the polyculture entered academician Peter Simona Pallasa into a cultural shock. Its German akkuratizm deeply revolted that plants did not land well-disposed ranks strictly on grades.

In 1802 Alexander I has instructed the Minister of Internal Affairs to count Kochubey on opening of the first school on winemaking and wine growing. To choose a place for its arrangement it was entrusted to academician Pallasu. So, in 1804 in natural boundary Achikljar the Sudaksky school where experts in wine growing, winemaking and bondarnomu to business prepared has been organised. For school the earths on 30 desjatin in Sudaksky and Kozsky (Solar) valleys have been taken away. Besides, state gardens in the Pike perch - 19 desjatin and Goats - 10 desjatin have been ranked also.

On school construction it has been released from treasury of 15 000 roubles, on the maintenance 5 000 (for comparison for the maintenance of the Imperial Nikitsky botanical garden it was allocated soon after 10 000 roubles). The press, rods and two masters have been written out from France. In 1809 Pallas has sold the manors in the Pike perch and Simferopol and has soon returned to Germany. And in 1870 the inspector of the Ministry of the state property S.P.Schepkin wrote: "the school Existing here in a beginning of the century has not left any useful traces". Value for history was made only by enthusiastic responses of academician Pallasa about quality sudakskih and kozskih (the Solar valley) wines, contrary to its efforts still made there of local grades.

How here not to recollect Mihajlu of Lomonosov banging in due time of German academicians by a stick?

The stick at the time of Pallasa At the wrong door walked. In the instruction of 1803 it was offered to each colonist to give in steppe districts of Taurian province from 5 to 10 grapevines for landing and leaving. Guilty of their destruction were punished by birches.

Errors of the following powerful command person were any more so are rough, and we use its achievements and till now.

Igor Rusanov

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